The heart of Schell's Market is The Butcher's Corner. This is where we seriously distinguish ourselves by offering full butcher services. This means that we source the product, butcher it, grind it, make it into sausage . . . you name it. Our butchers are experienced, knowledgeable and creative. We won't have it any other way. They know what they're doing and so will you when you taste the difference in Schell's Market 'fresh/local/wild' offerings.

We cook our own rare roast beef in-house in a traditional oven and we slow roast our 'organic' chicken, stuffed pork and ribs in the rotisserie. We make our own sausage using a number of mouth-watering recipes and we stuff our own chicken breasts and pork loin using produce from our own market shelves. We go the extra mile for festive occasions by sourcing local, free-range, grass-fed turkey and ham so that your special occasion is healthy, happy and, quite literally, a cut above.

The Butcher's Corner sources a selection of fine, MSG and gluten-free deli meats from the award-winning Schinkel Brothers Legacy processing plant in Chatham, ON. Schinkel's also buys fresh and local, all-Ontario meat and doesn't add too much water. For a refreshingly good news story click here and read about Schinkel's Legacy.

butcher-02When it comes to barbeque The Butcher's Corner well-aged AAA Beef Rib-Eye and Strip Loin steaks will please beyond expectation. Thick and juicy, our steaks, beef kabobs and shish-kebabs will make you hunger for more.

Sausage is made with fresh ingredients, an array of spices and without bread crumbs. Try our in-house peameal bacon or have your Schinkel's bacon thick-sliced to your liking.

Schell's Market butchers take extra steps for your convenience by removing the keel bone from bone-in split chicken breast, making it easier to remove the rib breastbone after cooking. They remove the membrane on the back of pork back ribs so that ribs separate more easily and the thin layer of silver skin atop pork loin is also removed to make your food preparation easier.butcher-01

The Butcher's Corner will do the cooking for you with 24 hours' notice and a nominal fee. Among our offerings are pork loin roasts, whole chickens, back ribs and roast beef.

Come to The Butcher's Corner on Fridays and discover a whole new world of fresh catch, informed by the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Programme. Discover the difference that Ocean Wise makes at


Call us at Schell's Market, ask for The Butcher's Corner and ask a question, place an order or make a special request. We look forward to serving you! 613-881-0404